What is the Tri Community and Youth Agency?

What is Tri CYA

The Tri Community and Youth Agency (Tri CYA) is a private, not-for-profit community based agency dedicated to supporting the growth and development of youth and their families in the communities of Huntington, South Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor.

For more than 40 years, the Tri CYA has provided a broad range of educational, recreational, social, cultural, athletic, counseling and advocacy programs, working closely and cooperatively with businesses, school districts, law enforcement, community groups, government agencies and religious organizations as well as with individuals, parents, and youth community volunteers.

Tri CYA is constantly interacting with community members to help them identify their needs and developing programs, which answer to those needs. Consequently, Tri CYA offers programs which have a long successful history and there are always new programs emerging.

How you can help

Volunteers are trained and supervised by our staff and are much appreciated by all.

Volunteers can:

  • Chaperone trips and activities
  • Help Fund raise
  • Help out in the office
  • Help with homework, tutoring and mentoring
  • Join the Board of Directors

You can make a donation.

Your donations are entirely tax-deductible. Donated items are used to enrich programs and to provide needed materials for needy youth and their families.

Your dollars are vital to enable us to provide the increased services and program opportunities needed by the community's youth and family.

Support Services

The Tri CYA works closely with special Townwide Projects to provide comprehensive youth and family services to your community.

Huntington Drug & Alcohol - 631.271.3591

Outpatient substance abuse counseling and prevention services.

Project Excel - 631.271.5497

Employment services, GED classes, academic programs, creative arts programs, life skills and educational performances.

FACILE - 631.427.3700

Family Advocacy, Crisis Intervention and Life Education (Family Center 631.425.9694)

Sanctuary - 631.271.2183

Prevention and crisis intervention services for run away youth and their families.

Youth Court - 631.271.5644

Youthful offenders who have committed a misdemeanor crime have their cases heard by a jury of peers.

Board of Directors

President: Alicia Lawrence

Vice President: Pat Dillon

Secretary: Les Baltimore

Treasurer: Tracy McCoy

Adult Members:

  • Molla Garry (Emeritus)
  • Laura Gerardi-Aloe
  • Josephine Jahier
  • Jenny Martinez
  • Linda Wright
  • Gwen Belton
  • Jody Kavanagh
  • Jorge Cisneros